V.P.C. (Vicious Puppies Crew)

B-Boy Blazii

A.K.A: Robert Eyerman.

Wassup everyone! The name's Robert Eyerman. I will have been dancing for 4 years as of Feburary '09. Born and raised in Sacramento, California. I moved to Seattle, Washington with my father October 26th, 2004, and shortly after, I started dancing. My dad took us to watch "You got Served" and wanted me to get into an after school activity. It just so happens that "Breakdancing with Jerome Aparis" was on the list. I honestly could not dance to save my life...I was the most uncoordinated person you could have possibly met. I hated it at first (to the point that I wanted to quit), but I didn't want to let my dad down. I kept dancing, got closer to Jerome, and eventually everything fell into place..he got us show opporunities, taught us the foundation of battling, and eventually I expanded on that knowledge and later put it to use! Now we never get a break, haha. Almost every Saturday, we have some type of show or competition to go to. I can't complain though, I get to share what I love doing with the crew I love most: VPC (Also known as Vicious Puppies). If I had to choose between being in the most respected crew in the world or these guys, I would choose these guys no doubt...we started together, and we'll finish together.

Contact: (206) 353-4850

Email: bboyblazii@hotmail.com