V.P.C. (Vicious Puppies Crew)

Vicious Puppies Crew (V.P.C)

Wassup everyone! This is VPC, also known as Vicious Puppies crew. We're an aspiring Seattle based crew. Influenced by Massive Monkees, taught by Jeromeskee and Tim the Pitt themselves, each individual has been breaking for a few years. If you ever ask us who the leader is, we're gonna give you the same answer over and over: no single person is better than the other crew members. We each have our own individual styles that make us unique, and teamwork that brings us together as more of a family than just a supercrew of bboys. Our dreams are to blow up one day and travel the world for something we love to do, whether it be dancing or not. Even if we all quit, our teamwork developed throughout the years will always bring us together as a family, bboys or not...but we would probably have to delete this website since it would no longer apply, haha. Keep it Vicious!


Robert Eyerman: (206) 353-4850

Justin Law:

The Vicious Puppies

Bboy Blazii

Bboy Supa Sav

Dan The Man

Kid Binh

Bboy Slicks


Bboy Q