V.P.C. (Vicious Puppies Crew)


A.K.A: Justin Law.

What up! My name is Justin Law(Rawk). I've been dancing since October 04 being taught by Lil Lazy, Tim the Pitt and Jeromeskee of the Massive Monkees. Dancing has taught me what it truly means to express one self and creativity has no limitations. Dancing use to be a once or twice type of hobby after school but after getting a feel for what the dance culture represents I decided to get more serious and now find myself dancing at home, at school, at the community centers, in shows and maybe even sometimes at a bus stop. When first starting b-boying(breakdancing) I had no clue that this would one day be my dream to pursue. V.P.C. started as a dance crew for me but quickly grew into a family, all of us are chasing for recognition but as a family.